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Oriental Style Arrangement

Posted by: In: Floral Arrangements 19 Mar 2013 Comments: 0

Oriental Floral ArrangementThis floral work has a clear influence of Oriental floral styles. Western styles lean to massed arrangements while Oriental ones focus on lines, simplicity, symbolism, and a very careful thought on the selection of materials and flowers and their placement in the composition.

The Oriental style of arrangement introduced the use of linear, asymmetrical balance in Western floral designs.

It is important the selection of an appropriate vase or container, quite austere and generally in dark colors.

Oriental Style Floral Arrangement

Oriental Style Floral Arrangement

I set the framework with curve lines using the Seka Willow, Calla Lilies, Fresias, Lily Grass, and Oncidium Orchids in the vertical lines and Oncidium Orchids on the horizontal ones to obtain a clear and simple balance.

Next I covered the floral foam with the round Galax leaves and setting a focal area near the rim of the container where the height and the width seem to intersect, playing with the different heights of the Liliums, the Hypericum and the foliage of Boxwood.

Flowers in this work
- Oncidium Orchids or ‘Dancing Lady’
- Seka Willow
- Freesia
- Calla Lilies
- Liliums
- Hypericum

- Galax leaves
- Boxwood
- Lily Grass


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